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What We Do

New Home Loan

Just purchased or planning to get a new home? Wondering the quantum of housing loan your qualify for? Or not sure if you can even get one?

For most people, buying a new home is probably the single biggest financial decision they will ever make.

Negotiating a New Home Loan might be even more stressful if you have no idea what the different packages are.

You may not be getting the best deal by working with the Banker in the show flat either!

Speak to our Singapore Home Loan Brokers today.

Mortgage Refinancing

Are you out of your Housing Loan Lock-in period? Rates are higher than they usually are?

Or maybe interest rates are falling and you want to take advantage of lower rates.

You can refinance your property loan with us to get more competitive rates today. As rates will adjust upwards after your 2 or 3 years lock-in period, it is always recommended for your to refinance your Mortgage every 2 or 3 years.

Rates for mortgage refinancing is at one of the lowest right now, you should moving on it to take advantage of interest saved.

Property Cash Out

Require some cash flow and have a property that you have partially or fully paid for? This is something you won’t expect from a Singapore Residential Home Loan Broker.

Being caught in a situation without cash flow for emergency use might be trying and difficult. Good thing is you own a private property in Singapore, note that HDB cannot be used for cashing out.

One way you can consider is to, cash your property out to get out of a cash flow situation.

Interest rates are usually given at prevailing rates.

Who We Are

Avant Mortgage is formed by a team of passionate financial professionals that wishes to assist Singaporeans from all walks of life. We aim for high efficiency and high quality of our advisory work through systems and training for all our Singapore Mortgage Loan Brokers.


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How We Work

Introductory Phone Call
Either through our contact form or referrals, we will call you to introduce ourselves and find out basic details about you and your property (New Home Loan or Mortgage Refinancing) before we schedule a first meeting with you.
Face to Face Meeting
Our Mortgage Brokers will looks through your documents and give you professional advice based on your financial situation & requirements. We will also seek your views on your whether you prefer Fixed or Floating Rate packages. After which we will give you advice based on the lowest mortgage or home loan rates available and allow you to make an informed decision on which package to choose from.
Collection & Submission
Our Singapore Mortgage Specialist will assist you in the documents required, check your documentations and submit your documents together with application forms to the relevant banks or financial institutions. Our Home Loan Brokers will also liaise for any further questions or clarifications needed and continuously update you on the progress of your Singapore property loan application.
Bankers will prepare the letter of offer once your property loan is approved. Our Mortgage Broker will liaise between you and the banker to get it signed and await disbursement of funds for the completion of this work.
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Our Partners

We work closely with Banks and Financial Institutions to provide our customers with the Best Singapore Mortgage & Property Loan Rates they can achieve with their current financial standings. Our financing partners provide New Home Loans, Property Mortgage Refinancing and Property Cash Out assistance.

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