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Bishan Residential Mortgage Loan BrokerBishan is one of the top locations to stay in Singapore.

Whether you are here because of the good schools that are located here in Bishan, namely Catholic High School & Raffles Institution.

Raffles Institution
Photo from Wikipedia

Or the fact that Bishan is probably the most central town in all of Singapore connecting you to any location of Singapore within 15-20 minutes of driving.

Bishan is definitely one of the top favorite locations to stay and buy a house.

This is also a great town where all 3 types of housing is offered.

The Bishan Town is a HDB town, it also has private housing namely condominiums and landed house.

The landed houses are located near the MRT stations of Bishan and also Marymount making it one of the most convenient landed housing clusters in Singapore.

Catholic High School
Catholic High School, Photo From CHS Website

The landed housing clusters are also set between the schools of Raffles Institution and Catholic High School.

Bishan is also one of the first few locations in Singapore to have Housing Development Board housing (HDB) going above the $1 million mark.

With such a great location for schooling and also for transportation, its no doubt that this location will only continue to thrive.

The Bishan and Ang Mo Kio town also has the advantage of enjoying the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

This park is made to look as natural as possible and does not just have the standard drainage system of the rest of Singapore where its all concrete.

The lush greenery and also much more natural environments are a great way to wind down after a long day at work.

Bishan also has a good office location at Sin Ming area, namely Midview City which is home to a thousand unit B1 Industry property.

The Midview City region is likely to see huge growth with the upcoming Bright Hill MRT station completing soon and will also be a great investment option for those looking at industrial properties.

For a location that not just provides you high quality location for transport, education for your child and also working area.

With the recent Covid-19 causing high demands for HDB flats but having supplies issues due to constructions delays, we expect to see even more demand.

Bishan is likely to be one of the top residential property locations in Singapore, for public and private housing.

Bishan is also bordering Sin Ming, Thomson Road, for Residential Home Loan Broker there, you could contact us too.

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Bishan Residential Mortgage Loan Broker