New Home Loan

New Home Loan – Buying a new house is one of the heaviest and most stressful financial decision most people will be taking in their life time. When you are buying a new property, you may not be sure what are the best options you have for the property and after you are done with the property, are you sure you are making the best decisions for your mortgage?

Mortgage Loans for New Home Loans can be quite a complicated thing to navigate.

There are quite a few things that you need to worry about:

  • Are you able to qualify for the loan with your current income?
  • Do you have other instalments that may affect your TDSR
  • Is your credit card usage causing issues with your loan limits?
  • What is the preferred tenure for you?
  • What type of loan package would your prefer, Floating or Fixed

There are many reasons why you might have some issues with your application. Every case is unique and we will have to understand your situation and also your requirements to give you the best and most accurate advice tailored for you.

We are keen to work with you to understand your requirements more and so that we can advise you on your best options of the tenure, the loan package type and also the lock-in period that is preferable for you. Speak to us at Avant Mortgage for the preferred New Home Loan Package for you and your family.