Why you should tap on Singapore Business Loans now

Why you should tap on Singapore Business Loans now – If you are aware, Avant Mortgage is a sister division of our home company Avant Consulting.

Avant Consulting is one of the leading Singapore Business Loan Brokers and have been assisting SMEs in Singapore with acquiring Corporate Term Loans for many years.

This pandemic downturn has seen many business owners suffering losses that they have never seen before in decades and with this downturn, the businesses that have been teethering on losses have also given up the fight.

There are many businesses that are still able to stay viable but just in need of some cash flow needs.

This is where the Temporary Bridging Loan set forth by Enterprise Singapore and disbursed through the banks will help.

The banks will be covered up to 90% if the companies are not able to pay up but end of the day the assessments are still done by the banks that are planning to lend out this amounts.

This is the low interest rate Singapore Business Loans that are currently available for all businesses in Singapore.

The Singapore Business Loan that is loan out by the banks right now is at its peak because of high demands for funds to push through this tough period but also at the same time, the loan amounts are slowing down due to the high gearing that most businesses are already on.

If you require help in getting access to more banks or also have no idea why you got rejected by the banks and need some help for getting the loan approved. You can speak to us and also work with us and our team from Avant Consulting to get access to the temporary bridging loan at historic low interest rates.

Singapore is currently having a tough time with the bad economy and we hope everyone pulls through

Avant Mortgage is a Singapore Mortgage Loan Broker that assist our customers in Singapore New Home Loans or Mortgage Refinancing in Singapore.


Why you should tap on Singapore Business Loans now