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Woodlands Residential Mortgage Loan Broker  – Woodlands, the regional hub of the north of Singapore.

One of the major town centre in Singapore, Woodlands is currently increasing in activity and likely going to keep growing.

One of the closest towns to our neighboring country, Woodlands is minutes away from the Johor State of Malaysia.

With much of the amenities at 1/3 the rate of Singapore and cheaper shopping, many people who stay in Woodlands prefer to cross the border once every few weeks to shop and enjoy the food and massages.

Woodlands is one of the regional hubs of Singapore. Being the prime location in the north of Singapore.

Causeway Point is the key shopping mall in this region and is also home to the Woodlands Regional Library

As of recent years, there has been much activity in trying to grow this region into a stronger hub.

Woodlands Residential Mortgage Loan Broker
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Woods Square is a mixed use integrated commercial development with childcare, F&B and retail which is coming up soon with new tenants building up its presence.

To the west of Woodlands, there are quite a number of industrial presence and Woodlands is one of the hubs for food factory for the Singapore economy.

The Woodlands Industrial Park E
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Woodlands is likely to keep growing with its potential to expand. There are still much undeveloped lands in Woodlands and we are likely to see growing activity as time goes by.

JTC also runs Woodlands Industrial Park E which comprises 80 units of prototype factories for clean and light general industrial trades.

It is located about 15-minute away from Woodlands Checkpoint and short drive to Admiralty MRT station.

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Woodlands Residential Mortgage Loan Broker